Thursday, April 1, 2010

How have you been?

It's been a while hasn't it, I'm a little rusty at this blog thing lets see how it goes.

I've been very busy lately. During my two months (planning on one, we'll get to that later) of offseason my days were filled with eating, sleeping, school, and skiing as much as possible. Skiing with all my friends is fun but every weekend I was missing racing. So get your popcorn ready, I'm actually eating some now, I'm going to try and sum up the past 3 1/2 months of my life in one blog post.

If you didn't see my helmet cam video from a few post ago you should check it out, it's a pretty sweet little camera. As long as you have good lighting it has amazing quality, it is HD. The best part is, is that the case/mount is waterproof, air tight, and probably bullet proof, though I don't really want to find out. So basically I can use it anywhere and it doesn't only shoot video, it takes sweet pictures too. The wide angle lens makes all the pics look awesome. Every picture on here was taken with it.

So the reason I had an extra month of off season is not cool. I broke my collarbone skiing at the end of January. It was supposed to been an awesome day of skiing, finals were done, got out of school early since they were all done and headed straight up to Bear. It was my third day on my new skis after my others had gotten their edge ripped out. This was partially the reason I fell. I was doing a 540 off one of the jumps, I got a little squirrelly off the jump and new something didn't feel right. I ended up landing on one foot off balance. I remember staring at my ski carving to the left to try and regain my balance, If you don't know yet I was landing backwards so that doesn't exactly help, all of a sudden I caught an edge and slammed on my left side. The wind was completely knocked out of me, I've never screamed when I've crashed skiing so I could tell something was weird. I go down and meet back up with my friends and just lay down for a little bit trying to tell myself nothing is wrong. I actually end up taking a few more runs just skiing down and feeling like I'm going to puke from the thought of what could have just happened and of course the pain. I can tell you that a broken collarbone hurts more than a broken leg. I go inside the bathroom in the lodge, and take my shirt off. This was a true pain cave, dark inside my shirt lifting my unknown broken collarbone into a position it should never go into. When I finally do get my shirt off I see a bump, a large bump that shouldn't be there. I painfully put my shirt back on and go back out to have my friends help me get all my stuff down to ski patrol. I chill there for an hour or so, answering lots of questions and getting a ghetto sling put on. By the end of the night and a couple X-Rays later I find out that I have a fractured collarbone and will be out for 6-8 weeks. Sweet. Did I forget the part that I was supposed to go out west to Utah in 4 weeks, goodbye skiing paradise, hello couch and TV remote. I had a sling on for 4 weeks and wasn't completely cleared for another 2 weeks. So about 3 or 4 weeks ago I actually started riding and getting ready for the upcoming season.

I was out for the best week of skiing we have had in the past 3 or 4 years the best I could do was watch my friends get towed in my snowmobiles and walk around in the snow. Before I did break my clavicle I had done a few fun rides at french creek and bear creek and just around my house. I am a huge fan of long winter mtb rides.

This isn't how I broke my collarbone, but I found it pretty funny. Everyone was okay, and the person who screams like a girl.... is a girl, not me. If she wasn't my friend I probably would have felt a lot worse about the whole thing. I do feel bad that I chipped her board though.

The ski season ended pretty abruptly, we got a ton of rain about 2 weeks ago and every mountain within 30 minutes of me closed. I was bummed but I did find biking down the trails that I ski down is just as fun. Fishtailing all the way down.

MACDC camp was this past weekend. It was my first time actually going since I had a broken leg last year and the year before that I had conformation at church. It was cold, very cold, at least it felt like it. Our little space heater that Zach brought didn't do much to heat up the cabin, but I'm sure it made a difference. I have only ridden in Michaux once, it was a race and I am absolutely in love with the trails there. I always knew they were good but I didn't know how much I would like them. Awesome weekend with a lot of learning, can't wait for next year.

I really like this picture I don't know why, I took it today while I was washing bikes.

^This isn't how I broke my collarbone, but I found it pretty funny. Everyone was okay, and the person I run into who screams like a little school girl.... is a girl, not me. If she wasn't my friend and just a random person I probably would have felt a lot worse about the whole thing. I do feel bad that I chipped her snowboard though....


I should also probably catch you up on how my cross season went. I will say it didn't go as I would have planned. I have a slight problem with over starting.... I started to tone those down at the end of the season when I was basically done training for the season and just going to races on the weekends. I did a lot of cross racing, took a trip up to Gloucester Massachusetts. Stayed up with some of the C3 team and Henrys at the Bahnsons AWESOME house on the coast. It was really really wet and cold on Saturday. when you were riding close to the ocean you could feel the ocean spray, I was freezing all of staging and soaked, not a good combo. Sunday was much nicer, and it was awesome to watch the pros both days it was completely packed with people. Other than that normal crossy funness, I have caught the cross bug and am already getting pumped for next September.

^ this is the biggest rock I have ever seen. ever.

^ Jeffs post winning face.

I will see everyone at the races. Off to the relay this weekend. If you see someone with a camera on there head at the relay, you know it's me!

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