Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lots a Racin'

Lots has been happening since my last post. Bear Creek was the MASS and my season finale, for mountain biking that is. Off the start I was 2nd into the single track. I knew it was a long race and when Julian pulled away I was terribly worried. At the top of the climb it was just me and Jacob. Luckily I prerode the course the weekend before so I knew most of the lines down the mountain. I was able to get a bit of a gap on Jacob on the descent. Onto the second lap I knew Jacob wasn't far behind. I hammered it up the climb and tried to save some on the descent. I was feeling great and pulled out a second. I was happy.

The team was able to grab a third overall!

This past weekend was Whirlybird. My second cross race of the season. Nittany was last weekend... we'll skip that. I can finally say it, CROSS is BOSS! It has been so much fun so far. I really really like the Whirly bird course fast, swoopy, and technical in cross terms. Felt great off the start probably top 10 or 15 into the second lap. But I started to slow down and ended up 23rd I think it was.

No thats not a laser on Jeffs helmet, its a video camera.

Zach killed it and came in 5th!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Riding cross bikes on mountain bike trails is sooo much fun.
I think I looked like a pretty pro surfer, as long as I wasn't surfing.

Well lets forget the fact that I haven't posted in over a month. Here is a summary of what I've been up to: Racing lots, riding lots, hanging out down at the outer banks for a week, more riding, thinking about cross, oh and school. Bear Creek is coming up this weekend, last mtb race of the season. Then it's time for cross. I'm getting super pumped!!!