Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Short Track at Bear Creek

So last Tuesday was the monthly STXC at bear creek. It was alot of fun. The course changed a little from last month. They just cut out a really cool new trail part rocky fun single track and part climbing double track. It started off with me in second into the woods and unfortunately was passed by chuck who didn't have a front brake and was on a single speed so he just ran away from me. I had a guy on my tail the whole race and luckily dropped him on the last lap. I thought I could hear chuck but I wasn't sure but unfortunately I couldn't get him. I ended up 3rd and am now second in the series and 1st in my age group. So then I went on a cool down loop on the STXC course for the final MASS race. It is very technical and alot of fun. So now it was time for the fun race. We did a miss-n-out but with a twist the last two went on a short intense hillclimb. I was one of the two and with my legs burning I got to the top first then I motored down the path to get back down to the finish. But I didn't understand where the finish was. So I missed it but luckily the other guy was nice enough to let me win. So I got my second pay day with $20. Can't wait for the Bear Creek race.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic mountain biking

So I was watching the Olympics last night and on came mountain biking I really didn't think they would broadcast it since it isn't really a spectator sport but they did and i did some research tonight and I knew the Frenchies took 1st and 2nd then a Sweden in 3rd. The best American got 29th out of 50 Craig Adams He was about 13 minutes behind 1st and all behind Craig were lapped at least once. Not bad. But it shows how much our country is behind everybody else. Oh well I went on Cannondale and they showed the bike there Olympians were riding it is amazing. Only 8.8 KG about a little over 19 lbs it is crazy raw carbon no paint. Not a whole lot on this bike that isn't carbon.

Iron Hill, Vacation the list goes on

Hello everybody I guess I will start this off with a summary of Iron Hill. So that morning me and my mom got up which was weird usually my dad comes but he was busy. When we got to the race I jumped out of the car ready to go register unfortunately my mom was still in the car putting on her make-up. I have decided I am never going to a mountain bike race ever again with just my mom. So finally we got registered and it was time to get ready to go. So about a 1/2 hour before the race i start warming up after getting my cool tube tool bag ready. I have some if anybody wants any. So now for the start I had been looking around for Zach all morning since he was doing the SS enduro but he wasn't anywhere. So there I was waiting for my start when Zach pulles up next to me. So he cant enduro and has to do elite expert on a single speed. More on that on Zach's blog. Now its my start and me and the J3 are going together. To my surprise I'm in the front. I'm first into the woods and explosively pull away from the group. Unfortunately beginners didn't do the mega dip and I was mega disappointed. So my second lap went much smoother with no traffic so I felt a lot faster. So I ended up first and now there is only one more MASS race left and it sounds like its going to be one of the best. I got to ride one of the EWR's it was a sweet bike like Zach said it corners amazingly unfortunately the one I rode was set up for more of a dirt jump bike. I really want one now. So after Iron Hill the next day it was on to the Hatteras Island Outer Banks. This place is amazing with the temp in at around 84 with a nice breeze then the water is about the same temperature as the air. It is a super fun place especially with family we have had the best man hunt games ever there. But this year it was different since my cousin was off to college in Florida. So they couldn't come some we couldn't play. But I got to surf with my cousin Shane and destroyed everybody in go-karts the race was almost as intense as a bike race. So until next time later.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Been Busy

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been updating but I've been at the Outer Banks for the last week and have been busy having fun. Have been surfing, destroying everyone at go-karts and getting sunburn. Luckily I still have my oh so loved farmers tan. So I am getting home in about 2 days I think so I will get some pics up. Bye

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iron Hill Preriding

So on Sunday I met up with Gunnar, Mr. Bergey, and Zach at Gunnars place to go up to iron hill for some preriding. The ride up was good, going through the ghetto of West Chester getting lost a few times but we got to Iron Hill in one piece. We pulled in and met up with Jacob and Mr. Ehlinger. We did our first lap at a nice slow pace but rocketed on the down hills. Towards the end of our lap we heard some thunder but luckily the storm missed us. We did the mega dip a few times which is a really really fun thing and went back to the cars. We decided we would do a handicapped lap race. With Mr. Ehlinger having a 30 sec head start then Gunnar, Jacob and I, then Zach about 3 minutes back.I stayed with Jacob for a while but lost him. It was now just me looking around for Zach. He caught me on a downhill and just kept on going. Unfortunatly I never did get up with anybody and got last. Next we did a nice cool down lap. Then off to find some food. We ate at this really good Barbeque place called Famouse Dave's which was really good and very filling. So we got back to Gunnars house unloaded and I headed home, but not without my two Walmart bags full of tubes. I wanted to get them because my mom said she could make some bags out of them, like tool bags. So yesterday I figured I would try and make one and see how it went. The sowing isnt very good at all because it was done by me plus theres some blood stains on the bag but assure you when my mom does it there wont be anything wrong with them. Then I superglued some velcroe on, and then a little Specialized simble that I made it is a very cool bag. If anybody wants one you can just leave a comment and I will try and get them to you at Iron Hill. I think I will just charge like 5 bucks. I can fit a 26" tube probably fit a 29" then a CO2 pump and then 3 tire irons in it easily. I can put a logo on it if you would like but only to an extent nothing very hard like words or anything, sorry.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping at Spring Mount

Well just got back from my hillclimbing day and I felt pretty good considering I did around 36 miles yesterday. On monday me Gunnar and our friend Zach went on an adventure at Spring. We did a loop in the light dropped our camping stuff off and went on a night ride. It was pretty fun even though it felt like it was 100 degrees out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Busy

Well a lot has gone on since my last post. Between velodrome action to shooting clay pigeons. So Thursday I went on a ride in the morning around 20-25 miles about half on the road and half on the dirt at Greenlane. Then that evening after dinner, around 7:00 I met up with Gunnar at Spring to do some night riding. Of course it doesn't get very dark until around 8:00 or so, so we started our first lap without any lights and unfortunately Gunnar flatted so once he changed the flat we were off again. Gunnar showed me some cool new trails that were fixed up really nice. Thanks to whoever is doin that. So now it was starting to get dark and I got to go on my 3rd real night ride. I never did ride with lights at Spring before and it was really fun. We finished the lap and I heard a funny noise coming from my wheel. I shined my light on it and what do you know its way out off true and rubbing every so ofton on the brake pad. So we got back to the parking lot were Mr. Bergey was parked at around 9:15 and he gave me a ride home. When I got home I saw how wobbly my wheel really was. The next day I took the tire and and tube off to go get it trued and I saw there was a broken spoke. Luckily it was just at the nipple so all we had to do was change out the nipple then true it up. Later that night me my mom and my dad went up to the Trexlertown Velodrome which was really cool. I had only been there for the flea markets never a race. Boy do they move, I saw one really bad crash, one guy went over the wall and there were bikes in the air and all over the place. Unfortunately one guy got an ambulance ride out who was the person over the wall. So the next day we were going about 1 1/2 up north to the Poconos to Beaver Run. The ride wasnt very fun, from my long rides my butt was feeling pretty sore. Beaver Run is a hunting and fishing club that's really hard to get into. If you put your name on today you would get in in 10 years. My uncle was hosting a weekend event. It was really fun. I got to shoot a gun for my first time and hit 13 out of 25 clay pigeons. I beat some of the guys who have been shooting there whole lives. Then me and my cousin did some fishing but unfortunately we didn't catch anything. And that is what has been going on in my life for the past few days. This coming weekend is Iron Hill and I think I'm going to race in the sport class, Which should be pretty interesting. Sorry I don't have any pictures, me and Gunnar tryed to take some but none came out very well. Oh well see everybody at Iron Hill.