Thursday, November 27, 2008

My First Cross Race

Well last weekend I had my first cross race. It is only about 2 minutes away from my house so I couldn't wait. It was supposed to be at Spring Mountain but since they blew snow they couldn't have it there so they went to a park near by. I was kind of bummed out about because at the mountain they had alot of different kinds of terrain when at the park they had grass and flat open fields. I register for C men. I just used my mountain bike and can't say it helped me. By the end my tires were caked with mud and were terribly slow. I didn't get the best start or starting position. Me and somebody else got hung up a little. But from there I really felt good picking people off and staying on peoples wheels. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the intensity up. They had a number page which they were flipping which said how many laps we had left. I didn't see that till the end so on my 4th lap I thought to myself this must be the last lap so I went super hard and made my move on a Bikesport kid that I had been watching all race. Well I still had 2 laps left. They were probably the 2 hardest laps of my life. I got passed by 2 guys the kid I had passed earlier and somebody else. I ended up 25th or 26th or something out of about 46 or 47. Can't say I am happy can't say I am sad. But It was fun and I cant wait to race one again. I have been skiing alot, left school early to go skiing up at bear creek which was fun. Had thanksgiving today and am going to go up again tomorrow. I have been going on some rides and using the trainer. Using the weights we have a little more often. Here's some other pictures from the race.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Weekend

I just got back from the Pocono's. Me and my two friends Alex and Jake went to Big Boulder for the opening runs of the season. Other than the night before when there was a rail jam at good ol' Bear Creek which was really fun too. Got up nice and early to get started early. It was a really fun day and tomorrow is going to be even better. The other day me and Gunnar went on a ride and it was really cold like 30 degrees and absolutely freezing. By the end my feet felt like they were frozen, I need some nice warm booties. I decided I was going to do my first cross race at spring mountain. At least it was supposed to be there they were going to try and blow a snow pit to ride through but with the temperates where they are they are trying to blow in the mountain. Now it is at a park right near there and is a pretty good location I guess, it is basically flat and boring but I haven't seen the course, sound like it will be fun. Then afterwards I am going to try and go up to Bear again for a hike-park. Well I am really tired and better go switch up my mountain bike. Bye.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Trainer

Today I did my first ride on the trainer since last year. I forgot how much I hated it. I have it in by basement which is pretty cool but with no air moving it is terrible. I think I am going to put a fan down there to move the air around. I rode for a little under 1 hour with bottle refills and such. I felt good at the end but terrible at the beginning. Then I blew the dust off of my weights and put them together. I have decided that after school I can ride on the trainer for about and hour every day or go on a ride which I will hopefully do more of then the trainer. Last winter for me was spent skiing as soon as my dad got home some basketball games and more skiing. So I am going to have to balance it all out. Yesterday a bunch of friends and I went to Gunnars house to hit a rail. It was super fun, once we figured out that it was easier to ski on the astro-turf then the tarp that kept riping. So in the end it was super fun. My one friend Ethan probably had the worst falls and by the end he had mud on his whole body and said that he couldn't close his mouth all the way because his ski hit him in the face. Ouch. Even though when I got home I was wet, muddy, cold, tired, and sick, I couldn't wait to do it again. I am starting to get back into the swing of things with training and everything, and can't wait for ski season to come. Think Snow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

switchin it up

So I am starting to switch to ski season. Got my skis and bindings mounted and picked them up on Friday. Today came in my new helmet can't wait to go skiing. I have been skiing since I was six so it is my favorite sport with mountain biking in a close second. I decided I should start to get into a little bit of a schedule riding. I went on a few nice rides over the weekend. I went on a mountain bike ride on Thursday and Friday over at green lane. Then on Sunday i went on a cross ride with Gunnars bike and had a lot of fun. It was very exciting since I was on my local rail-to-trail. But it felt good to get some life back in the legs. So long for now figured I put something up since I haven't lately.