Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finishing Up

The first rock Garden was absolute chaos first lap.

So this weekend was the Finals at Bear Creek. It was alot of fun between the downhill and the short track and then finally the XC. I was basically exhausted on Monday, I guess all the racing is catching up with me. So Saturday started off with me and my dad getting up early to get to bear creek by 9:00. Once we got there we went through our normal routine get registered take a lap on the course then warm up and get ready. I wasn't sure when my race was going to go since there was only about 5 people in my class Chuck said we may go with the Beginner A's who's race went at 10:45 instead of my 10:00 but in the end we went at 10:00. The race started with me going to the front and first into the woods. Somebody stayed with my on the climb and in the parking lot at the top but I dropped him on the first hill in the woods. On my first lap I had a pretty good lead and it only got bigger. The race went very well and I felt really good. I ended up 1st and won the series by 30 or 40 points. Then we went to get something to eat. We stopped at subway and got some good sandwiches I was starving. We went back to the mountain to watch the Expert A short track. It was very cool to watch. Harlan got a huge lead by the second lap! He didn't have any problems and got first. Now we waited for the downhill it was really cool. I didn't do so hot got about 30th or 40th. Harlan got first again beat out all the downhillers on huge full suspension bikes. It looks like it's going to be another Marysville. Then we went home to get a good nights sleep. On Sunday was the final cross country. It was beautiful out not to hot not to cold, blue sky's and just wet enough that it wasn't to dusty, perfect. My race went off with a about 3 or 4 kids hanging with me until we got into the woods. Unfortunately they cut out the first woods section so we went straight up the downhill section the day before kind of dumb but whatever. The climbing felt good I passed the 4 or 5 people that were in front of me. We then skipped another fun part at the top I was pretty angry we were skipping sections at this point but whatever just made me ride faster. The down hill felt good. I only got passed by 1 guy on a full suspension. At the end of the race I hammered up the steep steep hill towards the end. I finished second overall and 1st in my class. I felt really good through out the whole race and am going to kind of miss all the races, other than maybe some cross races. It's been an awesome season I will never forget. French Creek seems like such a long time ago. But it is going to be nice to have a break. Next was the spectating part got quite a few pictures, wish I would have formatted this differently kind of boring with all pictures but whatever. Now was the sport class Gunnar woke up with his eye swollen shut Ed just had surgery so he wasn't going to push sounds like a good day. Ed let Gunnar borrow a head cam you can check the link out on Gunnars blog it's pretty cool. Afterwards was the experts it was fun to watch, Harlan pulled away as usual with Brandon close behind then Rob. Harlan won again awesome job!!! So thats it I guess blogging going to slow down a little seeing that there isn't anymore races. But I will be posting probably going to be a little boring. Hope to make some trails over the winter at spring. The next bike thing is the flea market at the Veledrome if you have never gone you really should if you need anything for your bike you can basically find anything you want. Until next time Later.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bear Creek

So in the past week I've been to Bear Creek twice to preride. Wednesday me and Gunnar rode up to Bear Creek which was around 25 miles I think which wasn't very fun since we were on a mountain bike. But it was fun that we rode part way on a mountain bike trail at greenlane. Once we got there we started our ride at a nice slow pace. The climb up isn't very bad and the trail is very fun. The downhill is very demanding, very technical and very fun. The whole trail is much more ridable and a little different then last year. Once we finished that lap we went to the top again with Mr. Bergey to figure out the Super D. Hopefully we got it right but the trail is super fun with some logs that you have to jump over while going pretty fast. Then on Sunday which was yesterday Gunnar had his first cross race so I tagged along to watch and to go on a lap with him and Mr.Bergey afterwards. Gunnar had a good race and got first overall Good Job Gunnar. After that we got some food and went on a lap with Jay and Jamie from EWR and two other guys. It was alot more slippery and muddy which made it alot harder and much more fun. Once we got to the top Jay noticed he had a flat so we waited for him to change it. So we were off again and went super fast on the downhill didnt feel to good on the downhill with the slippery rocks and mud. So we said goodbye to everyone and went down to the car to clean ourselves up and get home. So tommorow is the final monthly short track at bear creek. Then we have The Finals At Bear Creek with will be very fun can't wait for the weekend see everybody there.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Univest Bike Race

So the past week has been pretty boring. All the teachers are on strike so school hasn't started yet I dont know if I should be happy or sad about that. I was going to go up to Laurel Classic then another race on Sunday but then I found out that I had to acolyte at church so that ruined that. But I still got to watch the race. It rained all day which made it fun to follow them around and watch. I didn't get any pictures since it was a down poor. In the end a Garmin Chipotlye team member won. They were 1-3-4 which was pretty cool. So today went on about a little under 40 miles in 2:07 it was really nice out today which made it really nice. So I guess my next race is the 16th at bear creek for the short track should be fun.