Monday, February 9, 2009

Short Fun Weekend

This was the teams second training weekend and it was just as fun as the last. Gunnar and I had a basketball game Saturday morning so we came up that afternoon after there 60 mile venture. When we got there we got the welcome of kings. Just kidding we were the ones who people were thinking of ideas of how they could make us feel the pain they did except condensing it into a short workout. Sounds like hill repeats to me. Very painful very fast, but we did get to use powertaps which was cool I didn't understand most of the numbers. Later that night we went on an urban assault with our lights it was really really fun probably the funnest ride of my bicycling career.
Saturday ended with Gunnar having his first bite of fish and Jeff dropping his. It was really good! We then watched TV and had some intense games of air hockey. Then we all went to bed tired and ready to go hard the next day. We got up early with a good breakfast of potatoes and waffles made by the waffle expert Tom. Then we got our kits on and ready to go. With some confusion on bikes Gunnar and I only had mountain bikes. But it worked out fine Jeff has plenty of bikes. Believe me. We left at a nice easy pace going through the campus to look for some college girls. There weren't any, too early. We then left out on the main highway for a few miles until we came to a light and turned left. This is where the really nice road biking starts. I honestly never thought I would say this but on some of the roads it was almost as fun as mountain biking. Going through the open fields we went across a few scary bridges. Metal grated bridges are not fun when their wet, luckily we didn't have to figure that out the hard way. Then we were on some rolly roads for some time, while almost getting run off the road by a big truck. Bikers and big trucks do not mix, in the middle of going around us he almost went head on with another car. Which was a reality check for everybody, we all got tight until we got to the "fun" roads. The roads were fast, curvy, and rolly. With everybody tucked we came to "The Wall." Everyone raced up it with Zach trying to get his one thousands. He didn't quite get it, yet. Continuing on Zach comes flying by us and getting his one thousand watts. We came to another hill that we raced up with Jeff pulling ahead. Dropping down another hill we took a left and got into some more curvy roads. We road around a while longer and came back to the highway we turned off at the beginning of the ride. We were on a flat road for what seemed like forever, seeing the horses on the muddy trails didn't make any of us happy.We turned once more and got back into town. When we got back to Jeff's road we all sprinted up but I missed a turn and didn't see who won. Zach made some pizzas one had pepperoni and potatoes and the other had fish. It was really good. Everyone lounged around for a while and got shower's. Then parents came, we packed the cars and were done with training camp #2.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

NJ Pine Barrens

Today Gunnar, Harlan, Elk and I went on a ride at the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. I have never ridden there but will definitely go back. On the road in there was a 1 room school house, church with a overgrown graveyard and square miles of Blueberry fields. Was kinda weird. It was really fun riding with Harlan and got to meet Elk who was also from Indy Fab. The trails were really flowy, flat and smooth, with a lot of cornering. I didn't see one rock the whole time but it was a nice change, perfect for winter training. Luckily all the snow melted with the perfect weather we had. Hovering around 45 degrees in the morning with not a cloud in the sky. First time in about 2 months I only had to wear one layer of clothing. Much better then last weekends 15 degree road camp.
Lance is my car companion for all the bike trips

The trails lacked rocks but really made it up with sharp corners, and logs hops everywhere. With basically no place to take your hands off your handlebars for more then 10 seconds we had to stop a few times to get fueled up. It was really easy to just zone out and miss a turn and go straight into a tree which I only did once or twice:) You really had to stay focused. Towards the end of the ride you really started to feel the burn and Elk took a pretty hard crash bending his handlebars luckily he was fine. We got back to the car to see Mr. Bergey back from his walk with Lance. Told him how nice the trails were, loaded up the bikes and said our good-byes. Harlan went out for another lap, in the end it was something like 19 miles and 2 hours and 20 minutes. Watching the Super Bowl now, don't know who I should cheer for.