Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Another awesome weekend of racing for the FFR team is in the books! Most of the team was down in Maryland this past weekend for Greenbrier, not only is it a nationals qualifier but it's also decides the Maryland state champs! The team set up shop the day before the race at a awesome campsite right by the lake, everyone was ready to get out on the course. By the time I had finally arrived I could tell everyone was itching to get kitted up. We got rolling very soon after and headed out. This was the first year I had ever ridden or raced at Greenbrier and I am a huge fan of the course, lots of climbing, a combination of fast smooth sections and slow technical areas. After an awesome ride and a few tries on the log ride we were ready to eat, not only that but we also had some entertainment via Scottie McGill. As we were sitting around the fire he asked his dad if he could go swimming, who could say no to seeing a small, fearless kid go swimming in the lake? Did I mention it was dark out, we also all knew it was going to be freezing. After his time wading around he came out and made some perfect sand angels. Awesome.

My race went very smoothly, no problems what so ever. I felt good up the first climb staying about 3rd wheel in the group. Julian was setting a blistering pace that I knew was going to come back to hurt me. I stayed with him and Jacob and Forest on the first downhill and then we started hitting traffic. The worst part about being a Junior is having to start behind almost the entire Cat 2 field, we were catching people within 2 minutes of our start. I got caught behind a few people and kept pushing everywhere I could. First lap I was able to get a gap on Forest after his chain came off on the rocky climb. Into the second lap, I knew I was going slower but I was able to go much faster on the descents since the groups were spread out by then. I ended up 2nd. Shortly after Scottie came in after his second race of the day with a top ten finish! Gunnar took home the win, beating all the expert juniors even with a flat on the lap. Zach also had some bad luck with a flat on the last lap as well, but he still pulled off a 2nd place finish! Jake did his first single speed race of the year and killed it almost breaking the top 10. In Scotties first race he took the W with some fierce older competition! Another awesome weekend for the team and we are all ready to kill it at Granoque this weekend!

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